The Difference Between Sticky and Non Sticky Bonuses: What Are They and Which One to Choose?

One of the most common questions players face when agreeing to receive large welcome bonuses in slot spinning technique online casinos is whether they have registered for fixed or non-fixed bonuses. Therefore, what usually happens is that you get that attractive bonus offer until you complete the spin and win and want to withdraw your initial deposit before you really realize what is happening. We decided to discuss the difference between fixed and non-fixed bonuses and prepare for your next iGaming adventure. What is a fixed bonus? In short, a fixed bonus is a bonus that can be wagered but cannot be withdrawn. If the terms and conditions of the online casino state that the bonus is “gambling only”, you can be sure that you are looking for a fixed bonus. The value of the fixed bonus may be as much as the traditional bonus. If you are an experienced player and have strong funds from the start, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus itself. The point is that you must play fixed bonuses in a different way than traditional bonuses in order to achieve their full potential. Choosing a fixed bonus gives you the opportunity to increase your balance before the game starts. In fact, compared to no fixed bonus, a fixed bonus will give you more money. In addition to your initial deposit, it usually provides a deposit of up to 300% or 400%. This of course increases your chances of winning, but you must be careful. Unless you have a lot of money in the beginning (and you really understand the game), you might end up losing more money than you planned to win. Choosing a fixed bonus gives you the opportunity to increase your balance before the game starts. An example: imagine that if you deposit $50, your favorite online casino will provide you with a fixed bonus of $50. Therefore, you deposit $50 and receive an additional $50 as a bonus, starting at $100. If you decide to bet $100 (this is your total balance), you will win an additional $100 or lose your existing $100. Your account balance (200 USD) minus the bonus amount (USD 50), which means you can withdraw 150 USD and get 100 USD profit on your 50 USD deposit. On the other hand, if you lose and want to stop the game, you will only lose your deposit amount, which is $50. What is a non-fixed bonus? It is a redeemable bonus, as long as you meet the wagering requirements, you can withdraw it according to the relevant bonus terms and conditions. If the online casino allows you to withdraw any amount remaining in addition to the initial deposit bonus after meeting their betting requirements, you will ensure that you are dealing with non-fixed bonuses. Most players prefer this type of bonus , Because it is not too complicated, and you can withdraw the bonus while still making a small profit. You will not be able to claim the bonus until the wagering requirements have been met. For example, suppose you deposited $50 and received a non-permanent bonus. For the same amount, you will have the actual $50 plus the approved $50 bonus. Initially, you will start playing for real money ($50), during which you can withdraw money at any time. Why? Well, this is because your real money has nothing to do with the terms and conditions of the bonus that you haven’t touched yet. If you win, you can immediately withdraw the real money without having to meet the wagering requirements. Sticky and non-sticky bonuses Only when you have reached another $50 (bonus) and start using it, you need to worry about meeting the wagering requirements. The hands can be removed without lacing. In other words, fixed bonuses cannot be cashed out, while non-fixed bonuses can be cashed out. Therefore, before claiming a specific bonus, make sure you know whether the bonus you accept is redeemable. No matter how attractive the bonus may seem, before you get the bonus, be sure to check the casino’s terms and conditions regarding bonuses. Different types of fixed bonuses Phantom Sticky Bonus One of the most popular types of permanent bonuses is the so-called “ghost” bonus, also known as type I permanent bonus. The permanent ghost bonus is added to your deposit immediately, so you can place a bet and use it. them. Once you decide to withdraw, the bonus will be deducted from your balance. So, if you receive a fixed bonus of $10 for your $10 deposit, you will have $20 in your account to start your game. If you have $25 in your balance and want to withdraw, you will receive $15 after deducting the $10 bonus. This type of bonus will remain in your account, as long as it meets the requirements of online เกม Mermaid games. The casino allows.. When you withdraw the bonus, the ghost fixed bonus will often disappear from your account, but the bonus on the expiry date can be used for the next change Multiple bets. Great benefit. Another advantage of this bonus is that it requires less betting requirements. In addition, you don’t need to choose your favorite game, because any game you choose can meet the wagering requirements of a fixed bonus. Therefore, even if you set a minimum bet for an online slot machine or a maximum bet for a table game, you can still use your winnings. Your income does not necessarily exceed your initial balance.

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