Top 15 Richest Gamblers in the World: The Ultimate List of the Most Successful Players of Today

Although most people think that all เกม เม ดู ซ่า casino games are by luck, there are also experienced players who take gambling as their profession. These gambling experts believe that winning in land-based or online casinos requires a lot of gaming experience and knowledge. So, before we reveal more details about everyone, here is the list of the richest gamblers in the world: Bill Bent, Tony Bloom, Edward Thorpe, Andrew Black, Zeliko Lano Gayek, Billy Walters, Terry Ramsden, Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, Doyle Brunson, Howard Lederer, Jonathan Duhamel, Patrick · Anthony and Weralabos many years ago. To commemorate these planners, we have compiled a list of the 15 richest gamers of all time. Most of these punters were simple gamblers at first, then improved their skills and strategies, made more money, and became the best punters in the world. Now let us know more about these famous professional gamblers, shall we? Bent’s net worth: US$100 million per year. Known for playing games: Blackjack, horse racing as a math genius. Bill Bent studied physics at university. After getting his degree, he decided to use his knowledge at the blackjack table. Count cards. In fact, he improved his method with the help of Edward Thorp’s book. Seven years after the house was demolished, Benter was eventually kicked out of most Las Vegas casinos and moved to Hong Kong. While living in Asia, he and Alan Woods created a formula that later helped players predict the outcome of horse racing. Most notably, it helped create the world’s first software-assisted game operation, which is considered one of the most successful operations. Some. Rumor has it that Bill Bent can make $100 million a year and often raise between $50 and $10 million on a match day, making him the richest player in the world. Moreover, in addition to being one of the most famous professional players, he is also widely known. As a philanthropist and a big donor to charities and politicians. Tony Bloom net worth: estimated combined net worth: up to 1.7 billion US dollars. Famous games: sports betting and poker Anthony (Tony) Bloom is a poker legend and the president of a football club. He is the owner of Starlizard, the largest gambling consulting group in the UK, which is believed to earn hundreds of millions of pounds a year. This is more accurate than what the bookmaker provides. These odds are then sold to certain bettors so that they can beat the market and generate long-term profits. In 2009, Bloom took over Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club and oversaw the upgrade of the 2017 Premier League. He invested more than 200 million pounds in Brighton and also donated 93 million pounds in 2011 to enable the club to transfer to the Premier League. A modern stadium with a larger capacity. Bloom has been gambling since he was a child because he used his pocket money to spin the reels of the fruit machine, which lasted until his teens. At the age of 15, he even used a fake ID to place some bets on meager bodies. Having worked as an accountant and later as a trader, he aspires to become a professional sports gambler and enter the circle of wealthy gamblers. Edward Thorp Net worth: 800 million US dollars Famous games: Blackjack, Baccarat As a mathematics teacher with a master’s degree in physics and a doctorate in mathematics, Thorp has above-average intelligence. Edward Thorpe, known as the “father of card counting,” invented the original system and later used it in the real world. In addition, he is the author of this book: “Beat the Banker: Winning Strategies for Blackjack Games”, which details his card counting and his revolutionary points system, which has been successfully used by card players. He was the first player in the world to use computer simulation to formulate a blackjack strategy, and later invented the card counting method, which greatly improved the player’s odds. Thorpe studied blackjack systematically and carefully checked every part of it. When he started filling his pockets with cash to win crazy money, he became an attraction for casino owners. In the end, Thorpe applied his wisdom to the stock market and made a fortune in stocks and hedge funds. Andrew Black net worth: 670 million US dollars Famous games: horse racing and bridge British businessman Andrew Black is an avid horse racing owner and professional bridge player. He co-founded Betfair, the first and largest gambling exchange in the world. Blake was engaged in the derivatives business when he was young, but as a player, he became more and more successful, eventually earning enough income to stop him from working. Focus. Regarding gambling as a full-time activity for a period of time. Since gambling did not provide him with sufficient financial support, he decided to start a software company. At that time, he occasionally played bridge with Wray and showed him the prototype he wrote, which caught Wray’s attention and prospered by securing Wray’s interest and investment. Two of them founded Betfair in 2000. In 2010, Betfair was listed on the London Stock Exchange at a price of 13 pounds (valued at 1.4 billion pounds at the time), making Black’s 15% equity worth about 200 million pounds. Zeljko Ranogajec Net worth: $600 million. Famous games: blackjack, horse racing, keno, sports betting. Zeljko Ranogajec, known as the “Joker”, is one of the richest players in the world and a mathematician who studies the banking industry. , Finance and Tax Law. He is a well-known Australian businessman and professional gambler, with an estimated annual gambling turnover of over 1 billion Australian dollars. Although he likes to play different games of chance, Ranogajec is proficient in blackjack and started to make money when placing bets in Australian casinos.

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