Explanation of “Banana Drop”

Banana Drop is a wildlife-themed slot game developed by Microgaming partner studio Crazy Tooth Studio. The Reno-based studio is recognized for living up to its name and designing some truly eccentric slots, for better or for ill.

Contrary to the popular expression, this is actually one of their more traditional timeslots. Some features, like the Falling Banana and the Banana Drop, are promoted since they rely on the Big BuildUp mechanism, which gets a lot of attention in the manuals. Let’s vine in if you’re up for some monkey business.

Also, I apologize in advance if there are any banana/monkey jokes made here. Since Banana Drop is largely based on references, it’s hard to avoid making the occasional one. For example, the playing field features 6 reels and 4 rows that are set up in front of a row of banana trees.

The 4,096 win ways grid is surrounded by a tamed jungle rendered in a charming cartoon manner, and the symbols have a vaguely psychedelic quality to them, at least the high-paying ones. The minimalistic yet captivating sound design works wonderfully with the game’s mechanics. Overall, the pictures are crisp and the music is enticing. That’s a huge step forward for the programmer.

Banana Drop is a slot machine game that can be played for 15 p/c to $/€30 per spin across all devices and doesn’t include the most agitated monkeys thanks to its amiable 26.8% hit rate and moderately volatile mathematical model. With an RTP of 96.70%, it’s safe to assume that the vast majority of gamers will be satisfied.

The Any Adjacent Pays mechanism, seen in prior Crazy Tooth slots like Arctic Valor and Diamond Force, contributes to a higher hit frequency. Simply get three or more identical symbols on any three successive reels to win. That can be from any of the first three reels.

There are three distinct levels of significance associated with each symbol: low, medium, and high. In reality, rewards are meager, and all categories of symbols are treated equally. Fruits like watermelons, coconuts, and pineapples all come in at 0.8x for a bunch of six, making them part of the lows.

Highs are the psychedelic hippos, giraffes, zebras, and lions, which pay 1x the bet for six of a kind, while mids are the J-A card royals, which pay 0.9x for six. The ability to stack symbols on the reels and the presence of wild symbols also help. You’ll need more advanced features to even make a reasonable showing.

The Falling Banana feature is a random addition to the game that works in concert with the game’s distinctive BIG BuildUp concept. Up above the reels, bananas appear, waving in the breeze. A monkey swings by on a vine, knocking bananas onto the reels when the Falling Banana feature activates. There may be up to three on a single reel, each of which could include a wild symbol or a cash award. All prizes will be unveiled at the end of the feature. Big BuildUp increases the chance of getting another Falling Banana feature after every spin.

Keep an eye out for the octagonal leaf scatter, as seeing three or more of them will trigger 7 Banana Drop Bonus Spins. The Falling Bananas function plays a significant role here because it is activated after every spin. There’s also the possibility of seeing what are called “Full Stacks,” which are a collection of monkey symbols of various colors, but which, despite the name, don’t fill an entire reel.

When a full stack sign appears, it can add up to three bananas to the tree above it. During the bonus round, the quantity of bananas in the trees does not reset to zero after each spin, as it does on a standard spin.

Results of the Banana Toss

Banana Drop is a good choice if you want to have fun while swinging through the trees. There’s some zane owing to the friendly monkeys, but it’s not nearly as out there as what you’d expect from Crazy Tooth Studio. It’s quite conventional, which may disappoint viewers anticipating the next radical creative leap from the studio.

The Great Confusion is the most difficult part to understand. Sure, bananas will now be a part of the trees, but so what? I’m not sure if trademarking it was necessary, but there you go. Banana Drop, on the plus side, has a soothing, charming cartoon aesthetic that makes it simple to warm to.

The potential payout is decent, at up to 6,031 times the initial wager. If you look at the paytable and all of the gloomy symbol values, you might not think that’s conceivable. However, the vast number of win ways, wilds from Falling Bananas, and stacked symbols all perform admirably. When you use them together, you increase your chances of a successful Bonus Spin.

Overall, Banana Drop is one of those slots that are easy to overlook. It lacks wow factor, and the Big BuildUp mechanism is underwhelming. However, some may find joy in Banana Drop as a middle-of-the-road jungle romp with a few useful additions.

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